Build a Resilient
Supply Chain With

BB Matrix

Supply Chain Management SaaS product suite that can be customized for your needs. Get complete visibility across the entire supply chain and leverage real-time data to intelligently scale your business.

The All-In-One Supply Chain Platform Your Customers Love!

Transport Management System
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.

Supply Chain Management Platform Built for Modern Businesses.

End-To-End Visibility

Integrate with your existing tech stack. Get real-time, actionable insights to create a smarter supply chain.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize your logistics with improved freight, fleet and space management and build an efficient supply chain to achieve sustainable growth.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Enable your customers to choose what and where to buy from, and create a personalized buying experience across channels.

Instantly Connect With 150+ of Your Favorite Tools

Enable smooth integration with your ERP, POS, and other tools. Get complete visibility of your entire operations - from procurement to after-sales services- and build a smarter supply chain.

Helping Businesses Scale One-Delivery at a Time.

Fill Rate
Fleet Operating/day
On-Time Delivery

See How TATA BB Matrix is Powering BigBasket to Deliver 500K+ Orders Everyday.