Order Management System

Built for Dynamic Enterprises

Get complete visibility of the entire order lifecycle across channels. Leverage real-time data to build a seamless supply chain with TATA BB Matrix Order Management System.

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Order Management System to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences.


Lower Order Processing Time

Integrate with multiple sales channels, automatically capture orders, and route them to appropriate fulfillment centers.


Higher Order Fulfillment Rate

Centralized order processing and efficient inventory management to reduce errors and fulfill customer orders on-time.


Higher Order Accuracy Rate

Automated barcode scanning, quality control checks, and order tracking to ensure the right products are picked, shipped, and delivered.

Achieve Up to 100% Customer Satisfaction with TATA BB Matrix

Improve your order management processes with real-time tracking of the order across the entire lifecycle to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Order Management

Provide flexible shopping options with real-time inventory and order tracking.

Product Catalog Management

Ensure consistent product information(pricing, availability)across all channels and enable customers to make informed decisions.

Order Capture and Routing

Seamlessly integrate across sales channels, capture and route orders to the right fulfillment centers to ensure faster delivery times at lower costs.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer a range of payment options (debit/credit cards, digital wallets, etc.) to reduce cart abandonment rates and improve customer experience.

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Lower order fulfillment time
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Real-time inventory visibility

Inventory Synchronization 

Ensure consistent and accurate inventory data across all channels to provide a reliable shopping experience for your customers.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Provide your customers with up-to-date information on the status of their orders, and reduce the risks of complaints or returns.

Faster Order fulfillment

With accurate inventory data, ensure orders are filled quickly and customers receive orders faster with zero errors. 

Improved Customer Service

Respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries about product availability, pricing, and shipping to improve customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

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Streamline Returns Management 

Simplify your returns management with real-time inventory tracking to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Scalable Returns Operations

Effectively manage CIR(Customer Initiated Returns) and RTO(Returns to Origin) to optimize costs and maintain inventory levels. 

Reduce Wastage of resources

Get end-to-end visibility of the order cycle to reduce unnecessary movement of inventory and reduce operational costs.

Improved Business Performance

Enable instant returns and refunds, to improve customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

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Improvement in return accuracy

Integrated Order Management System For Faster Order Processing 

See how our customers are efficiently managing their logistics operations with TATA BB Matrix.

5 star

We are now able to manage our carriers more efficiently resulting in lower costs and improved on-time delivery performance.

Supply Chain Manager,
Leading Online Retailer
5 star

The system’s automation capabilities have reduced manual errors and processing time and improved order accuracy. This has improved our performance and customer satisfaction.

Chief of Logistics,
Fortune 500 Company
5 star

We can now track shipment status in real-time and enable us to optimize carrier selection, resulting in improved on-time delivery performance.

Supply Chain Analyst,
Leading E-Commerce Brand

Check How Tata BB Matrix Can Help You Build a Resilient Supply Chain.

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Warehouse Management System

Streamline your inventory management across multiple warehouses to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Transport Management System

Optimize your transport and leverage real-time data to improve last-mile delivery and customer satisfaction.

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