omnichannel commerce

Build an Integrated Supply Chain With

BB Matrix

Be it an online or offline store, integrate your operations to provide consistent services across channels, improve customer satisfaction, and build brand loyalty.

Why TATA BB Matrix?

Single-View Dashboard

Connect with your current-tech stack. Take data-backed decisions to improve your supply chain performance.

Industry Agnostic

Be it perishable or electronic goods, ensure your supply chains can meet every customer demand.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Provide flexibility to your customers to buy what they want from anywhere and ensure a personalized buying experience.

Supply Chain Management Solutions to Grow Your Business.

Get complete visibility on your inventory levels and order fulfillment and track delivery across channels to improve customer satisfaction and sales.

Transport Management System
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.

Customer Testimonials

See how our TATA BB Matrix can help you personalize the buying experience for your customers.

With real-time inventory tracking across all channels, TATA BB Matrix  has helped us optimize our inventory management and minimize stockouts.

Leading E-commerce brand

We've successfully integrated our brick-and-mortar and online stores, resulting in a seamless shopping experience for our customers.

Supply Chain Director,
Fortune 500 Company

TATA BB Matrix has transformed our order fulfillment times, resulting in a better customer experience.

Production Manager,
Leading E-commerce retail


What are the tools that TATA BB Matrix integrates with?

TATA BB Matrix integrates with a range of ERPs, accounting and billing software, POS systems, e-commerce websites and others to provide you with end-to-end visibility of your entire supply chain operations.

How will TATA BB Matrix handle returns and exchanges across channels?

TATA BB Matrix provides a centralized system to process and track returns and enable automated refunds to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Is TATA BB Matrix scalable and flexible to meet our future growth needs?

TATA BB Matrix is highly customizable with a modular architecture. Our comprehensive system can help you meet every customer need and scale your business.