About Us

TATA BB Matrix aims to empower businesses to build seamless supply chains that cater to every customer’s needs.

About TATA BB Matrix

BigBasket was founded in 2011 to make it easy for people to buy groceries online. BigBasket offered a wide range of products, from fresh produce to household essentials. 

TATA BB Matrix, a comprehensive Supply Chain Management(SCM) Platform was built to handle the entire supply chain operations of BigBasket.
TATA BB Matrix provides end-to-end visibility across the entire operations - from procurement to delivery-  in a single platform. TATA BB Matrix has helped BigBasket emerge as India’s largest online grocery store, operating in 30+ cities, and delivering 5MN+ orders every month.

Today, TATA BB Matrix is helping some of the largest retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce organizations to effectively manage their supply chains across product lines, and geographies.




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Our Vision

TATA BB Matrix aims to help organizations scale, by providing them with real-time insights across the entire supply chain. From managing inventory, storage, billing, delivery, and returns, businesses can get real-time updates and can quickly identify bottlenecks, and take data-backed decisions to build resilient supply chains.

TATA BB Matrix is a highly customizable solution that can help businesses adapt to the changing market conditions. Our team, consisting of industry experts, is known for its track record of building products that have shaped the supply chain of the world’s commerce.