Warehouse Management System

Built for Agile Businesses.

Get real-time inventory visibility and streamline your operations to meet every customer demand with TATA BB Matrix Warehouse Management System.

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Warehouse Management System to Help Your Businesses Thrive.



Efficiently pick, pack and ship the orders to improve accuracy and cycle times in the warehouse operations.

Up to33%

Increase in Labor Productivity

Automate and streamline the entire workflow - from check-in & check-out of goods to billing - and increase labor productivity.

Up to25%

Increase in Yard Space Utilization

Optimize the inventory process with well-defined placement zones to improve yard utilization and lower costs.

Achieve Up to 99.8% Fulfillment Rate with TATA BB Matrix.

Intelligently Manage Your Warehouse

Leverage real-time data to handle your warehouse operations effectively.

Accurately Track Inventory Levels

Manage inventories across multiple warehouses and ensure smooth movement of inventories in and out of the warehouse. 

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

System-based planograms to maximize warehouse space usage and ensure maximum efficiency in picking and packing of inventories.

Enhance last-mile delivery with Dark Stores

Locate your warehouses closer to the customer to lower delivery time and costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Lower Costs
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Lower Turnaround Time

Optimize Your Inventory Management

Ensure inventory accuracy and streamline orders fulfillment to improve efficiency.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Use bar-code scanning, and automated data capture to accurately track inventory movements. Enable better inventory controls to meet every customer demand.

Efficient SKU Lifecycle Management

Get complete visibility across the SKU lifecycle - creation, tracking, updates, retirement and disposal - and make informed decisions with real-time data.

Streamline Pick & Pack process

With in-house routing, optimize the pick routes, automate order allocation, and ensure accurate packing instructions to improve warehouse efficiency.

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Improved Vendor Management

Collaborate with multiple vendors from a single platform to improve visibility.

Improved Communication

Share real-time inventory data, order status and inventory tracking information to improve collaborations with vendors.

Quality Control

Perform quality checks and verify the accuracy of the received goods. Ensure vendors comply with the quality standards and adhere to SLAs.

Vendor Performance Monitoring

Capture and analyze data on order accuracy, on-time deliveries and quality of goods received of multiple suppliers in a single-dashboard.

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Lower Lead Time

Comprehensive Solution For All Your Warehouse Needs.

See how our customers are optimizing their warehouse operations with TATA BB Matrix.

5 star

TATA BB Matrix has streamlined our operations and made it error-free. Highly recommended for businesses looking to improve their logistics.

Supply Chain Manager,
Fortune 500 Company
5 star

This is a game-changer in inventory management. Real-time tracking and an easy-to-use interface have saved us countless hours and reduced our costs.

Warehouse Manager,
Leading E-Commerce Brand
5 star

The ability to track shipments with ease has allowed us to scale our business effectively. A must-have for any retailer looking to make an online presence.

Chief of Logistics,
Online Grocery Store

Check How Tata BB Matrix Can Help You Build a Resilient Supply Chain.

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Transport Management System

Optimize your transport and leverage real-time data to improve last-mile delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Order Management System

Get end-to-end visibility across the entire order lifecycle, track and trace your inventory and improve operations.

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