Build a Robust Supply Chain With

BB Matrix

Transform your manufacturing operations and experience streamlined processes, increased productivity, and accelerated growth.

Why TATA BB Matrix?

Improve Inventory Turns

Get real-time data to accurately forecast demand, optimize planning and enhance supplier collaboration.

Maximize Capacity Utilization

Effective production scheduling to reduce idle time, improve coordination and ensure maximum resource utilization.

Reduced Manufacturing Time

Streamline your manufacturing process with efficient production scheduling and resource allocation strategies.

Supply Chain Management
Platforms to Ensure Maximum Efficiency

Optimize inventory levels, reduce lead time, and get real-time visibility into supply chain operations to increase productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Transport Management System
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.

Customer Testimonials

See how our customers leverage TATA BB Matrix to improve production efficiency.

TATA BB Matrix has transformed our supply chain, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Highly recommended!

Operations Manager,
Leading E-commerce brand

Thanks to TATA BB Matrix, our manufacturing process has been smoother and more efficient. A game-changer.

Supply Chains Director,
Fortune 500 Company

With TATA BB Matrix, we've achieved greater visibility and control over our manufacturing process. Must-have solution.

Production Manager,
Leading Online Retailers


Can TATA BB Matrix ensure on-time delivery?

Yes, TATA BB Matrix offers real-time inventory tracking, helps identify bottlenecks, and makes informed decisions to ensure the timely delivery of orders. 

Can we track supplier performance?

TATA BB Matrix provides a single dashboard view of all supplier performance. You can rate them, and choose to work with the ones that are most suitable for you. 

How can we optimize production planning and scheduling?

TATA BB Matrix integrates with your current tech stack and provides you with complete visibility across the entire supply chain. You can now take data-backed decisions to optimize every process.