Build an Efficient Supply Chain With

BB Matrix

Get accurate inventory visibility across all platforms. Provide your customers up-to-date information on product and delivery times to improve trust and loyalty with your brand.

Why TATA BB Matrix?

Efficiency at Scale

Automate and streamline your processes, and get visibility across the entire supply chain. Leverage real-time data to improve processes, and efficiently scale your business.

Better Inventory Management

Manage multiple suppliers and ensure optimal stock levels to reduce excesses and improve cash flow.

Reliable Deliveries

Enable your customers to choose the delivery slots, and ensure accurate last-mile delivery to improve customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management Solutions to Streamline Your Process

Improve inventory control, streamline order fulfillment, optimize logistics, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction through efficient and timely product delivery.

Transport Management System
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.
On-Time Delivery.

Customer Testimonials

See how our customers leverage TATA BB Matrix to enhance their supply chain performance.

Implementing TATA BB Matrix has helped us streamline our workflows, enhance inventory management, and improve collaboration with suppliers.

Supply Chain Analyst,
Leading E-Commerce Brand

TATA BB Matrix has transformed our manufacturing processes, and improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Game-changer.

Production Manager,
Fortune 500 Company

Thanks to TATA BB Matrix, we’ve achieved better coordination between suppliers, and production planning. Our manufacturing capabilities have significantly improved.

Chief Executive Officer,
Leading E-commerce retail


Can TATA BB Matrix provide real-time analytics?

TATA BB Matrix integrates with a range of tools, and provides end-to-end visibility of your entire supply chain. Leverage real-time data to identify bottlenecks and improve the processes.

Do you integrate with 3PL?

Yes. With TATA BB Matrix, you can plan your delivery management and shipment tracking with in-house capabilities or third party logistics integrations.

What kind of support and training can I expect from TATA BB Matrix?

TATA BB Matrix provides extensive support, right from the integrations phase, till operations and 24/7 customer support to ensure smooth operations.