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Digitize your logistics and fleet operations to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with TATA BB Matrix Transport Management System.

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Transport Management System to Improve Delivery Accuracy.

Up to 50%

Lower Transportation Cost/Unit

Streamline and automate your order processing, carrier selection and freight audits to improve resource utilization and lower costs.

To the extent of 60%

Lower Lead Time

Identify the fastest and most efficient shipping routes, vehicle modes, and optimize your vehicle loads to improve efficiency and lower lead time.

Up to100%

Shipment Visibility

Get real-time visibility into the shipment’s location and status, and monitor carrier performance to ensure on-time delivery and SLA adherence.

Get Around 99.9% On-Time Delivery with TATA BB Matrix.

Get end-to-end visibility of your entire operations. Create a highly efficient and reliable logistics network to ensure you deliver every shipment right every time.

Optimize your route

Leverage real-time data to improve on-time delivery performance and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Pick the most efficient routes

Optimize your routes based on real-time traffic, road-closures, etc. and ensure drivers are directed to take the most efficient routes.

Optimize the vehicle load

Ensure that the right goods are loaded onto the right vehicle and in the right sequence to improve delivery performance.

Manage Your Fleet Efficiently

Collaborate with your logistics partner, customers, and carrier service to ensure vehicles are available to meet every demand.

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Increase in vehicle efficiency
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transit time

Real-Time Tracking & Visibility

Empower your business with accurate data to enhance coordination among various stakeholders and reduce delays.

Track Shipment in Real-Time

Get complete visibility into the shipment’s location, status, and estimated delivery time to ensure maximum SLA adherence.

Accurately Forecast Demand

Get insights into demand patterns, transit time and order volumes. Allocate resources to meet every customer demand, and ensure on-time delivery.

Manage Exceptions Efficiently

Alert your logistics team to any exceptions - missed pick-ups/deliveries, route changes - to quickly identify and resolve the bottlenecks.

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Select the most efficient mode/carriers

Advanced algorithms to help you select the right carriers to improve efficiency.

Pick suitable carriers

Automatically match shipment requirements with in-house capabilities or 3PL partners to ensure reliable and accurate order deliveries.

Choose the right mode

Get assistance to select the vehicles that are best suited for the shipment based on the location, delivery time, and category of the goods.

Collaborate with Suppliers and Customers

Effectively collaborate with suppliers, carriers, and customers and proactively manage delays to ensure on-time delivery.

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Increase in
SLA adherence

Efficient Transportation Management System For All Your logistics Needs.

See how our customers are efficiently managing their logistics operations with TATA BB Matrix.

5 star

We are now able to manage our carriers more efficiently resulting in lower costs and improved on-time delivery performance.

Supply Chain Manager
5 star

The system’s automation capabilities have reduced manual errors and processing time and improved order accuracy. This has improved our performance and customer satisfaction.

Operations Manager
5 star

We can now track shipment status in real-time and enable us to optimize carrier selection, resulting in improved on-time delivery performance.

Supply Chain Director

Check How Tata BB Matrix Can Help You Build a Resilient Supply Chain.

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Order Management System

Get end-to-end visibility across the entire order lifecycle, track and trace your inventory and improve operations.

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Warehouse Management System

Streamline your inventory management across multiple warehouses to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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