BB Matrix transformed Big Basket’s Supply Chain

About Big Basket

Big Basket, founded in 2011, is one of India’s largest online grocery stores, delivering 15M+ orders per month. Big Basket’s mission was to provide their customers with a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

But, Big Baskets’ major challenge was disjointed  Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System(WMS) and Transport Management System(TMS). Each worked in silos, leading to communication gaps and data leaks, leading to operational inefficiencies, delays in delivery, and lower CSAT.

An in-house comprehensive Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform, TATA BB Matrix, was built to unify the disjointed systems and help Big Basket scale.

This report examines how Big Basket leveraged TATA BB Matrix's comprehensive next-gen Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform, to transform its supply chain and become a trailblazer in the global grocery market.

India’s Leading Online Grocery Store

Dec 2011
Launch Month
Products 1,000+ Brands
Monthly Orders
Revenue Growth
Million Registered Customers
Repeat Orders
Loyal Customer base
Monthly Unique Visitors
employees; 12K employees
from lower income group


Big Basket faced several challenges in its supply chain operations:

Inefficient Order Management
Big Basket had to handle a vast number of customer orders daily, leading to order management complexities, potential errors, and delays in processing.
Inventory and Warehouse Challenges
Poor inventory visibility and inefficient warehouse management led to stockouts /  overstocking, and increased holding costs.
Disjointed Last-Mile Delivery
The lack of coordination between order processing, warehouse management, and last-mile delivery resulted in inefficiencies and increased delivery times.

About Big Basket

Order Management System (OMS)

The OMS provided by TATA BB Matrix streamlined Big Basket's order processing 
and improved overall efficiency. Key features and benefits of the OMS 
implementation included:

Centralized Order Processing

The OMS consolidated all incoming orders from various channels, such as the website and mobile app, into a single platform. This allowed Big Basket to manage orders efficiently, reducing errors and delays.

Real-Time Order Tracking

The OMS provided real-time visibility of orders from placement to delivery, allowing customers and customer service teams to track orders' progress accurately.

Order Prioritization and Assignment

The OMS automatically prioritized orders based on delivery schedules and assigned them to the nearest warehouses or fulfillment centers, optimizing last-mile delivery.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS provided real-time visibility of inventory levels, enabling better demand forecasting, reduced stockouts, and optimal inventory management.

Inventory Visibility

WMS provided real-time visibility of inventory levels, enabling better demand forecasting, reduced stockouts, and optimal inventory management.

Warehouse Process Automation

WMS automated various warehouse processes, such as order picking and packing, leading to increased efficiency and reduced human errors.

Quality Control and Compliance

WMS ensured quality control and compliance with food safety standards, minimizing the risk of product recalls and reputational damage.

Transport Management System (TMS)

The TMS played a crucial role in enhancing Big Basket's last-mile delivery operations. The key aspects of TMS implementation were:

Route Optimization

TMS optimized delivery routes based on factors like traffic conditions, distance, 
and delivery time windows. This resulted in reduced delivery times and improved resource utilization.

Vehicle Tracking and Management

Real-time vehicle tracking allowed Big Basket to monitor the location and performance of delivery vehicles, ensuring efficient delivery operations.

Capacity Planning

TMS provided predictive capacity planning, enabling Big Basket to allocate resources effectively during peak demand periods and achieve on-time deliveries.

Industry First Solutions to enhance customer experiences

Slot-Based Delivery

Products delivered at 
the date & time of the customer's liking.

Location Intelligence

Get accurate GPS co-ordinates of your customers to enable on-time delivery.

Route-Based Picking

Improved operational efficiency with exact route picking and delivery

Instant Returns

No questions asked return on delivery and instant refunds

Dark Stores

Click-and-collect warehouse systems to enable omnichannel buying experience.

Security Token

Multi-factor authentication to enable secure deliveries.


Delighting Customers, One Delivery 
At a Time

See how TATA BB Matrix helped BigBasket deliver exceptional buying experiences to their customers and scale to one of the largest online grocery stores in the world.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The integrated SCM platform streamlined the entire supply chain, resulting in faster order processing, accurate delivery tracking, and on-time deliveries. This significantly improved the overall customer experience and loyalty.

Improved Operational Efficiency

TATA BB Matrix's SCM platform optimized Big Basket's warehouse operations, inventory management, and last-mile delivery, leading to cost savings and increased productivity.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

With real-time data and advanced analytics, Big Basket could accurately forecast demand, leading to better inventory planning and reduced wastage.

Seamless Integration

The seamless integration of OMS, TMS, and WMS allowed for data transparency and smooth flow of information across the entire supply chain, eliminating communication gaps and inefficiencies.

Scalability and Flexibility

The modular design of TATA BB Matrix's SCM platform allowed Big Basket to scale its operations easily and adapt to changing market demands.


TATA BB Matrix's Supply Chain Management platform played a pivotal role in transforming Big Basket into one of the world's leading online grocery stores. The integration of OMS, WMS, and TMS provided a comprehensive end-to-end solution that streamlined Big Basket's supply chain operations,  improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction. With accurate demand forecasting, real-time tracking, and optimized last-mile deliveries, Big Basket continues to thrive in the highly competitive e-grocery market, setting a benchmark for others to follow.